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Historical and modern premises

Customs House

The university is located in an urban setting. The faculties operate in multiple buildings that stand at various points in the city centre of Budapest.

The main building of the university used to be the Customs House of Budapest, it was built in a neo-renascence style. The building was designed by one of the most famous Hungarian architects, Miklós Ybl, and it is now part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The original designs were made in 1870, the building was built between 1871-1874. 400-500 builders were working at the construction site for almost four years. 

The original building was connected to ports of the Danube by four tunnels. It also had a railroad connection. During the Second World War the Hungarian, German and Soviet troops used the building as a military base. The Customs House suffered serious damage during the war.

In 1948 it became the main building of the University of Economics. It underwent major renovations in 1950 and later in 1989-1990. Currently, much of the education of the business faculties (Faculty of Business Administration, Economics,  and Social Sciences) takes place in the main building. This is the location of the rector's offices and most of the university service offices as well.

The new Czuczor Street building of the university was completed in 2007, it is the newest facility of  CUB. This is the host building of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Centre for Foreign Language Education and Research and the Physical Education Department.

The new Czuczor Street Building

It was built for EUR 40 million and offers 50,000 m2 of floor space, which includes an office building as well as educational areas. The building has a state-of-the-art interior with spacious community areas and special wall light installations. The building also hosts the 450-seat central library of the university which contains 100,000 books and journals, two computer rooms and access to on-line university and research databases.

The Sóház (Salt House)

It was built in the 1890s as an office building serving the Main Customs House. There have been no reconstructions on the outside of the building, and only a few changes were made before WWII. A safe house was built in 1941, blocking the tunnel entrances leading to the cellars. The IT centre of the university and the American Corner Budapest can be found in this building.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.