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Academic year 2018/2019 is opened| 2018.09.13.

The Ceremonial Opening Senate Session of Corvinus University of Budapest organised at MÜPA on 9 September 2018 officially opened the academic year 2018/2019. Among the speakers of the event we welcomed Mr András Lánczi, Rector of Corvinus University of Budapest, Ms Melanie Seymour, Head of BlackRock Budapest and Mr George Friedman, founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures. We enjoyed the music of Lőrinc Barabás, trumpet player and producer.

Our university and the training of economists in Hungary will celebrate two remarkable anniversaries in the upcoming years. In 1920, the Faculty of Economics of the Royal Hungarian University was launched as an independent institution and thus the independent training of economists in Hungary was launched by Government Decree and was followed by an Act. The Hungarian University of Economics was founded as an independent university in 1948. Therefore, we celebrate both the 100th anniversary of the independent university education of economists in Hungary and the 70th birthday of our university. A series of interviews are currently being prepared to commemorate these anniversaries.

The first speaker was Melanie Seymour, Head of BlackRock Budapest. As she mentors many people from University students to senior leaders, she has told that at the start of a career the advice she always gives is to start to build a backpack. The early years should be all about filling that metaphorical back pack with knowledge, skills, experience and people, instead of getting too focused on how fast they can get to the next stage. Later on in their lives, they can reach into that backpack many times for the correct tools to help them resolve an issue. Melanie Seymour also highlighted that in the ever increasing technology focused world, the human skills of empathy, collaboration and creativity become increasingly important, consequently, it is essential to take time to interact in person wherever they can.

George Friedman, founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures told that delivering a speech in the city where he had been born was a great moment for him. In July 1949 his family fled the Communists. He evoked how this decision lead to a determinate event in his life. He told about his first class at the City College of New York, where his professor read in Middle English from Chaucer. It was only later when he realised that the unbelievable experience of finding sanctity – or finding something that he did not known it had been there - comes from our will and decision. In the view of George Friedman, university life provides the opportunity to realise such beautiful things as well as to “imagine the unimaginable”. This is the last period in life when one does not have to focus on earning money or taking care of his/her family.

András Lánczi Rector firstly welcomed the first-year students of the University. He drew the attention to the fact that being a full-time university student may not be a repeatable opportunity in life. Being a university student means one has more options to form his/her faith than the majority of the people. The Rector also emphasized that our nickname, "Közgáz" signifies that conscious community building has always been present, nowadays even more. Students here become part of a new community whose identity, beyond scientific commitment, is also characterized by national commitment, because every person has the potential for professional and human development only if they belong to somewhere. András Lánczi also highlighted that the pursuit of knowledge can never be completed, it means constantly being on the road which is never to be confused with today's promise of infinite science. This is important because knowledge has a moral consequence as well: it can be used for good and bad purposes, which implies that conceptualizing and deciding on goals precedes any science in today's sense.

The Rector also declared that our University wants to understand the motion of today's world by interpreting the problems raised and by encouraging research. We take it seriously here, in Central Europe, in our region, that we are one of the institutions that can contribute to the renewal of the European idea with relevant knowledge.  This was the purpose of the establishment of the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies, whose first renowned guest was George Friedman.

Levente Szabados, president of the Student’s Union of Corvinus University of Budapest welcomed his new fellows at the University and congratulated them for their addmission. At Corvinus, putting university knowledge into practice is not a tale, but a reality, and the best way to do this is to work in student organizations and colleges for advanced studies.  Levente Szabados also drew the attention to the international opportunities provided by the University. In his words: “As a Corvinus student, you can study at one of the best Hungarian universities and at the same time participate in courses of prestigious foreign institutions.”

Last modified: 2018.11.30.