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Study programmes in English

Study Programmes


The Corvinus University of Budapest offers degree programmes in English at Bachelor, Master and PhD Level.

Preparatory programmes

BA/BSc programmes

A bachelor’s programme is generally a three-year-long (six semesters) study programme leading to a Bachelor’s degree. In some cases the programme lasts 7 semesters, including a one-semester-long mandatory internship. Students with a fully completed secondary education can apply for this programme.

MA/MSc programmes

The Corvinus University of Budapest offers a two-year master’s programmes, among them joint and double degree programmes in cooperation with other universities from the European Union. The minimum entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Having successfully completed the programme, the students can obtain a Master’s degree.

Special Degree Program

PhD programmes

These three-year programmes are designed for students who wish to carry out research work and receive a PhD degree in their study field. Students are assigned to a research supervisor from the beginning of the programme. It is the task of the supervisor to advise the PhD candidate during the course work and the research period. The degree-acquiring process includes three elements: to pass the doctoral rigorosum, to write and defend the thesis-proposal, and to write and defend the final doctoral thesis. The thesis must be submitted not later than the end of the fifth year of the programme.

Double degree programmes

The double degree programmes enables students to obtain the full degree of the partner university in addition to the degree from the home university after completing a given number of semesters abroad. A double degree typically takes less time to complete. A double degree is a great opportunity to gain international and intercultural experience.

BA/BSc programmes

Corvinus Business School - contact: edina.gazda(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

  • BA in General Management - European Business School, Germany - BA in Business and Management - Corvinus University of Budapest
  • KEDGE bachelor degree - KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France - BA in Business and Management - Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus School of Economics - contact:

  • BA in European Economic Studies - Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Germany - BA in Applied Economics - Corvinus University of Budapest

MA/MSc programmes

Corvinus Business School - contact: gabriella.virag@uni-corvinus.<wbr></wbr>hu

  • MA in Business Administration - Universität Passau, Germany - MSc in Management and Leadership or MSc in Marketing - Corvinus University

 Corvinus School of Economics - contact:

  • MA in Public and Non-profit Institutions Management or MA in Public Administration - Babes-Bolyai University, Romania - MSc in Public Policy and Management - Corvinus University

Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations - contact: nikolett.menyhart(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

  • MSc in International Economics and Business - Rijksuniversiteit Gronongen, The Netherlands - MA in International Economy and Business - Corvinus University

Joint programmes

Joint degree programmes (curricula, admission and examination regulations) are jointly developed and recognised by several partner universities. Students spend a part of their studies – a minimum of 30 ECTS credits - at another (in some cases two or three) institutions and the period of study and credits are automatically recognised at the student’s home institution. The teaching staff of the participating institutions work out the curriculum together and also teach at the other institutions. Upon successful completion of the study programme, students receive either national degrees from the individual institutions or a degree which is jointly conferred. These programmes are usually offered at master’s level.

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