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Incoming teaching staff mobility



  • Please submit your application at your home university with an online registration at the website of the Central CEEPUS Office. You will get information about being accepted and about the scholarship from the Hungarian National CEEPUS Office. 
  • It is advisable to inform the CEEPUS coordinator Mr Gabor Szalai (gabor.szalai(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)of the Corvinus University right after the selection.
  • Please give the exact description of your study field on the application form.
  • Please send a short description of your lecture(s) you are going to give at Corvinus University.

Scholarship rates

The program provides comprehensive grants, i.e. designed to cover costs of living, housing, and insurance.

Information package

  • by the National CEEPUS Office concerning the scholarship and the obligations and
  • by the University's CEEPUS coordinator concerning academic and other organisational matters.

Letter of Confirmation 

  • will be completed and stamped by the network's CEEPUS coordinator before leaving for home.


  • can be offered in the University's guest rooms which is preferred to renting a flat. Please contact the coordinator on this matter.



  • Please submit your application at your home university according to the application procedure.
  • If you are accepted to the programme, contact the professor or other teaching staff at Corvinus University and inform them about your intention to come and give lectures. If you do not have a contact at Corvinus University, please write to the institutional or faculty Erasmus coordinator, who will give you assistance in finding a host faculty or department.
  • Fill in the application form of Corvinus University (we need some data for the final report of the programme) and send it to Mr Gabor Szalai.

Financial support

It will be awarded by your home institution. For more details please contact your institutional or faculty Erasmus coordinator.


You will get a certificate about your teaching activities at Corvinus University from the faculty or department where you have given lectures.

Information package

If it is your first time at Corvinus University or in Hungary, please drop by the International Office where you may pick up some brochures and hear further information to help you better to accommodate.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.