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Budapest Events

The climate of Budapest is not really suitable for open-air events from October till March. This time the events are organised indoors, with the exceptions of the Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square, and the celebration of New Year’s Eve, when the inhabitants of Budapest, excepting only a few, rush to the streets and blow paper trumpets and hoot wearing masks. Traditionally it is allowed this time that people may cross the traffic on the ground at the corner of the Grand Boulevard and Rákóczi Street, while it is strictly forbidden all through the year.

The most important and popular open-air events take place once every year. Among them you can find marvellous cultural and musical events such as the Festival Week of Books, the Budapest Spring and Autumn Festival, the Bridge Festival, the Connection Concert, the International Wine and Champagne Festival and last but not least, the amazing Sziget Fesztivál.

You may find more sport-oriented events, such as the Budapest Marathon or Critical Mass, the cyclists’ pageant.


Last modified: 2018.11.30.